Imagine this future:

You, and everyone else in the world breathes clean air, all the time. You, and everyone else, drink clean water. We all eat as much fresh, locally grown, healthy food as we need. Everyone has access to modern heathcare, medicine, and medical treatment. Everyone is clothed and shod (if they choose to wear clothes and shoes). Everyone has shelter from the elements. Everyone has free power, provided by renewable resources (solar, wind, wave, and other future technologies) to facilitate access to all the benefits of current and future technologies. Everyone can instantly and freely access all of humankind’s knowledge (via the internet). Everyone has the ability to produce any modern technology they need (via personal, or local community 3D printing). Education is free, and available to every human on the planet. Everyone has the choice of working, or not working, without judgement, as it is universally accepted that a job is not a requirement or obligation (as Artifically Intelligent robots do all the essential work). Yet employment, for those who seek it, is also a fundamental human right (there are plenty of jobs that are perfect for the creative minds and hands of humans). Everyone has freedom of movement – there are no borders. Money as we now know it no longer exists – there is no poverty, rich vs poor, financial status, interest repayments, banking or insurance. If you need something, you are able to get it. If you are injured or ill, you are healed (within the realms of medical possibility). Government is local, truly democratic, and solely for the purpose of ensuring that shared infrastructure is maintained to enable all of the populations needs, balanced against the need to sustain the planet (until such time as we have delegated all public works to to our AI robot helpers).